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Probabilities: The Complete Prose Works of Tupper, Volume 6 (of

  Excerpt: AN AID TO FAITH. BY MARTIN FARQUHAR TUPPER, A.M., F.R.S. THE AUTHOR OF 'PROVERBIAL PHILOSOPHY.' 'ALMOST THOU PERSUADEST ME TO BE A CHRISTIAN.' HARTFORD: PUBLISHED BY SILAS ANDRUS SON. 1851. CONTENTS AN AID TO FAITH. A GOD: AND HIS ATTRIBUTES. THE TRIUNITY. THE GODHEAD VISIBLE. THE ORIGIN OF EVIL. COSMOGONY. ADAM. THE FALL. THE FLOOD. NOAH. BABEL. JOB. JOSHUA. THE INCARNATION. MAHOMETANISM. ROMANISM. THE BIBLE. HEAVEN AND HELL. AN OFFER. CONCLUSION. PROBABILITIES. AN AID TO FAITH. The certainty of those things which most surely are believed among us, is a matter quite distinct from their antecedent probability or improbability. We know, and take for facts, that Cromwell and Napoleon existed, and are persuaded that their characters and lives were such as history reports them: but it is another thing, and one eminently calculated to disturb any disbeliever of such history, if a man were enabled to show, that, from the condition of social anarchy, there was an antecedent likelihood for the use of military despots; that, from the condition of a popular puritanism, or a popular infidelity, it was previously to have been expected that such leaders should have the several characteristics of a bigoted zeal for religion, or a craving appetite for worldly glory; that, from the condition liable to revolutions, it was probable to find such despots arising out of the middle class; and that, from the condition of reaction incidental to all human violences, there was a clear expectability that the power of such military monarchs should not be continued to their natural heirs. Such a line of argument, although in no measure required for the corroboration of facts, might have considerable power to persuade priori the man, who had not hitherto seen reason to credit such facts from posterior evidence. It would have rolled away a great stone, which to such a mind might otherwise have stood as a stumbling-block on the very threshold of truth. It would have cleared off a...

The Gospel of Philip the Deacon

  Claiming to be a reconstruction of the original document burned in Athens about the time of Philip's mission (say AD. 36-40), through the recall of the spiritual Memories of the Past which ever persist, and are available to mental sympathy. Received by Frederick Bligh Bond through the hand of HESTER DOWDEN [1868-1949] FIRST COMPLETE EDITION Embodying the narrative of the Holy Nativity, and the Messianic Constellation, the Passion, and the Resurrection of Christ, the Pentecostal Gifts and the story of the Sangreal, the Sole personal Relic of the Master remaining on Earth. With Nine Appendices a selection from the INTRODUCTION: THIS WORK is put before the reading public purely as literature, relying entirely upon its intrinsic merits as a narrative and probability as an account, given in great detail, of the birth, mission, and death of the great Prophet of Christendom, Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah foretold in the sacred writings of ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /Israel. The doctrinal matter it contains will furnish the student with a further criterion of its reliability. The reader is free to ignore, if he prefer to do so, any a priori claim to authenticity which the document itself may suggest and it were better that he should in this respect form for himself an entirely unbiased opinion. He will then be free to consider whether the nature of the subject matter and its treatment may not in itself constitute a proof for him that the work does in fact enshrine the veritable memories and impressions of one who lived in the lifetime of Jesus and witnessed much of what He taught and did. The work is not a translation, as its perusal will plainly shew. It is a rendering into fair English of a somewhat 'biblical' flavour of a narrative purporting to come direct from the original source; and this is obtained by a method of recovery which, though still unfamiliar to the majority of students, is now winning increasing attention in circles devoted to psychological enquiry. It is in fact the fruit of a sustained and earnest experiment in the recall of past memories through the subconscious channels of the mind of the living, and by the involuntary use of the hand, Whence, then, the biblical English in which the Gospel of Philip is cast? We cannot certainly answer: for the scribe is unnamed and is only known to us as one of a group employed in the rendering of such documents into our mother-tongue in a framework of words which might be considered suitable to the nature of the subject, to emphasize its special character as the record of a Christian evangelist. Assuming the facts as stated, it would seem to be the work of one who was living some two centuries ago: but there is a blending of influences in the literary character and we seem to detect the hand of more than one intermediary in the interpretation and expression of Philip's thought. The work is received in fair and legible manuscript, the presence of two persons, one being the actual amanuensis, being always needed for the task. From the first transcript through three successive stages of amendment the work has taken rather over two and a half years to evolve to the state of comparative perfection as a harmonious prose narrative which it now assumes. It is not perfect: for the conditions attending its transmission render anything approaching finality of perfection impracticable: but it is at least an honest and conscientious attempt to bring into being the best rendering of the mind and intention of Philip that, in our present state of knowledge and practice, is feasible to those engaged in the task. The Gospel of Philip is here published in its entirety for the first time. A minor part of it (embracing Sections I, IV, and V.) has appeared in serial form in the pages of an English weekly...

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