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Alfreda Presents Story Time Stories That Rhyme E Book

  Alfreda Presents Story Time Stories That Rhyme E Book is a collection of 45 plus stories. Included are stories from the Posie series, the Rye The Rhyming Detective Series, Seystella, Taestella, Professor Theory T, Liz The Whiz Kid and others. Nature, math and other educational stories are included.

The Handy Math Answer Book

  Without math, how would romance survive? Where would we be without pluses and minuses? Without public opinion and box office tallies? Without measuring cups, calorie counters, or computer technology? More than just a class you tried to avoid, math defines modern life. Around the home, business applications, even theoretical physics.... Everyone uses it, just do the math. Math is too complicated. Math is too hard. Not anymore. The Handy Math Answer Book eliminates the instant headache and helps the many math- challenged among us better understand and enjoy the magic of numbers. You can count on it. From modern-day challenges such as balancing a checkbook, following the stock market, buying a home, and figuring out credit card finance charges to appreciating historical developments like the use of algebra by Mesopotamian mathematicians, The Handy Math Answer Book addresses more than 1,000 questions relating to mathematics. Handy Math provides a complete overview, beginning with the early history-Pythagoras and 'the music of the spheres,' Archimedes and his 'Eureka!' moment in the bathtub, and how some of the first calendars were invented. Catch yourself falling for the gravity of Newton and winding your way around modern-day string theory. Refresh yourself on the basics and fundamentals of algebra, calculus, geometry (including why the word derived from 'earth measuring'), and trigonometry. Organized in sixteen chapters that cluster similar topics in an easily accessible format, Handy Math provides clear and concise explanations to paradoxes, theories, fundamentals of geometry, and other branches of mathematics, plus the numbers we see daily in statistics, financial and market reports, weather forecasts, real estate evaluations, games, and measurements of all kinds. Handy Math's straightforward language is supported by more than 200 charts, graphs, illustrations, and photographs.

Two Plus One

  A Hot for Teacher Tale College math teacher, Briony Swift, lives life on the straight and narrow. After all, one plus one always equals two. But when two of her adult male students visit her office one afternoon, she soon discovers that one plus two might be a new and better equation to explore...

CliffsTestPrep FCAT Grade 10 Reading and Math: 10 Practice Tests

  Great test preparation for almost 500,000 Florida students taking the tests each year All Florida high school students must pass the FCAT Grade 10 Reading and the FCAT Grade 10 Math to graduate from high school. Last year, almost 500,000 students took the reading test and almost 480,000 took the math. CliffsTestPrep FCAT Grade 10 Reading and Math features an introductory section on the format and structure of the exams and ten full-length practice tests, complete with answers and explanations five on reading and five on math. An added plus this guide includes both the math and English, so students don't have to buy two books. Enrique Ortiz, EdD (Oviedo, FL), is Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning Principles at the University of Central Florida. Thomas R. Davenport, MA (Naples, FL), teaches AP English and is a member of the Florida Department of Education's Reading Content Advisory Committee, which advises the Department about the scope of Reading assessment for the FCAT.


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