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Dragon's Blood

  Excerpt: by HENRY MILNER RIDEOUT with illustrations by HAROLD M. BRETT 1909 To CHARLES TOWNSEND COPELAND, 15 Hollis Hall, Cambridge, Massachusetts Dear Cope, Mr. Peachey Carnehan, when he returned from Kafiristan, in bad but with a king's head in a bag, exclaimed to the man in the newspaper office, And you've been sitting there ever since! There is only a pig in the following poke; and yet in giving you the string to cut and the bag to open, I feel something of Peachey's wonder to think of you, across all this distance and change, as still sitting in your great chair by the green lamp, while past a dim background of books moves the procession of youth. Many of us, growing older in various places, remember well your friendship, and are glad that you are there, urging our successors to look backward into good books, and forward into life. Yours ever truly, H. M. R. Sausalito, California. CONTENTS ILLUSTRATIONS I. A LADY AND A GRIFFIN II. THE PIED PIPER III. UNDER FIRE IV. THE SWORD-PEN V. IN TOWN VI. THE PAGODA VII. IPHIGENIA VIII. THE HOT NIGHT IX. PASSAGE AT ARMS X. THREE PORTALS XI. WHITE LOTUS XII. THE WAR BOARD XIII. THE SPARE MAN XIV. OFF DUTY XV. KA FAI XVI. THE GUNWALE XVII. LAMP OF HEAVEN XVIII. SIEGE XIX. BROTHER MOLES XX. THE HAKKA BOAT XXI. THE DRAGON'S SHADOW Good-by! A pleasant voyage ... Frontispiece Rudolph was aware of crowded bodies, of yellow faces grinning He let the inverted cup dangle from his hands He went leaping from sight over the crest CHAPTER I A LADY AND A GRIFFIN It was about first-drink time, as the captain of the Tsuen-Chau, bound for Shanghai and Japan ports, observed to his friend Cesare Domenico, a good British subject born at Malta. They sat on the coolest corner in Port Said, their table commanding both the cross-way of Chareh Sultan el Osman, and the short, glaring vista of desert dust and starved young acacias which led to the black hulks of shipping in the Canal. From the Bar la Poste came orchestral strains--Ai nos...

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