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  A 1970 article about the famous rock group originally published in an U.S. Army unit newspaper. It provides behind the scenes looks at the group's performing philosophy and musical decisions. This is not copyrighted and can be copied freely.


  This question and answer interview with Frank Zappa originally appeared in 1970 in a U.S. Army unit newspaper. Zappa talks mostly about his music and philosophy that drove his performances. The interview was done in Frankfurt, Germany while he was on tour with a new , greatly expanded band. This article is not copyrighted and may be copied freely.

Double Dragon Trouble #15

  Wiglaf ’s latest assignment for the DSA school paper is to write an in-depth article about the headmaster: Who is the real Mordred de Marvelous? Wiglaf, with help from his buddy Angus, decides the best way to learn all about the headmaster is to follow him around school for a day. But when the boys overhear Mordred and his scout, Yorick, whispering about 'twins,' 'kidnapped!' and 'gold,' they decide to investigate and end up getting much, MUCH more than a newspaper story.

Unconscious Comedians

  One morning as he ate his breakfast and cursed his fate, he picked up a newspaper savagely. The following lines, ending an article, struck Gazonal as if the mysterious voice which speaks to gamblers before they win had sounded in his ear: 'Our celebrated landscape painter, Leon de Lora, lately returned from Italy, will exhibit several pictures at the Salon; thus the exhibition promises, as we see, to be most brilliant.'


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