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The Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain

  Pregnant with the boss’s baby! Nanny Penny Keeling knows working for the strong-but-silent Santo De Luca will be a challenge, but she’s determined to do it for his little girl’s sake. And she’s equally determined not to fall for her dangerously attractive boss – she’s been burnt before…   Penny is pretty, charming and utterly beddable – and under the fiery Italian sun Santo seduces her…  It was only meant to be an affair. Now Penny has announced she’s pregnant...

A Little Bit Pregnant

  Uh-oh. Nicole Beauman had overcome a lot of obstacles in her life, and she sure as heck had never backed down from a challenge. But her boss, Zane Rankin, presented an entirely new sort of dilemma. Sexy and charming, he was like chocolate--sinfully good, but bad for her health. Nicki knew Zane didn't want to settle down, particularly not with a girl like her, and she didn't plan to lose her heart to a temporary fling. But when a friendly date got a little too friendly, things got a little bit steamy...and Nicki wound up just a little bit...pregnant. What was a girl to do?

Almost Mine

  When thirty year old Helen Pratt marries Adam Montgomery, his teenaged daughter Missy makes Helen's role as her new stepmother a very difficult one. Helen and Adam desire to start a familyof their own, but it's young Missy who becomes pregnant. Having not become a mother herself, Helen must now prepare for her role as step-granmother unaware of the enormous impact the little boy will have on her life.

Baby in Me: The Journey to Motherhood

  Baby in Me: The Journey to Motherhood is written by a mom of four beautiful children. Lori Ramsey details the journey through pregnancy and into motherhood, describing the many experiences a pregnant woman faces. In her own words she explains the three trimesters and what is happening with both mom and baby. Included are little tips and hints on making it through the nine months of pregnancy and to that glorious birth day when you finally get to hold your precious baby!


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