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The Prince Charming List

  It took six days to create the long could it take to find her soul mate?Heather Lowell asked herself this question after moving to Prichett, Wisconsin, to temporarily manage the Cut and Curl Beauty Salon. She's hopeful that this summer she will finally find the love of her life. She even has a list detailing everything she wants in her Prince Charming. But when two men enter her life, Heather suddenly needs to figure out what she really wants--and whether handyman Ian Dexter or rebel-artist Jared Ward figures into her happily ever after.

The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre: A Novel

  When the vision came, he was in the bathtub. So begins the madness of Louis Daguerre. In 1847, after a decade of using poisonous mercury vapors to cure his daguerreotype images, his mind is plagued by delusions. Believing the world will end within one year, Daguerre creates his 'Doomsday List' -- ten items he must photograph before the final day. The list includes a portrait of Isobel Le Fournier, a woman he has always loved but not spoken to in half a century. In this luminous debut novel, Dominic Smith reinvents the life of one of photography's founding fathers. Louis Daguerre's story is set against the backdrop of a Paris prone to bohemian excess and social unrest. Poets and dandies debate art and style in the cafés while students and rebels fill the garrets with revolutionary talk and gun smoke. It is here, amid this strange and beguiling setting, that Louis Daguerre sets off to capture his doomsday subjects. Louis enlists the help of the womanizing poet Charles Baudelaire, known to the salon set as the 'Prince of Clouds,' and a jaded but beautiful prostitute named Pigeon. Together they scour the Paris underworld for images worthy of Daguerre's list. But Louis is also confronted by a chance to reunite with the only woman he's ever loved. Half a lifetime ago, Isobel Le Fournier kissed Louis Daguerre in a wine cave outside of Orléans. The result was a proposal, a rejection, and a misunderstanding that outlasted three kings and an emperor. Now, in the countdown to his apocalypse, Louis wants to understand why he has carried the memory of that kiss for so long.

Died Blonde

  Bad Hair Day Mystery #6'Intrepid Marla Shore is up to her elbows in hot water when a rival salon owner turns up dead...Nancy Cohen has penned another follicle-raising frolic with a wry twist of romance.'--P. J. Parrish, author of Dead of Winter and Island of BonesNancy J. Cohen's Bad Hair Day mysteries shimmer with style and humor in the glow of the Florida sun. In her sixth hair-curling adventure, stylist Marla Shore lands in the midst of a murder with shadowed motives and the very darkest of roots…There's no love lost between Marla and Carolyn Sutton. Carolyn has never forgiven Marla for leaving Hairstyle Heaven to open her own place, especially since Marla's clientele grew as Carolyn's faded away. Carolyn retaliated by relocating near Marla, but couldn't put the highlights back in the balance sheet. Still, it's a nasty shock when Marla enters the meter room behind the shopping center that houses both salons and tumbles over her rival's body. Carolyn's neck is broken and a hank of her hair is missing.Marla's powerful curiosity would have been enough to send her snooping for clues, but when Detective Dalton Vail, her very significant other, actually asks her for help, nothing can hold her back. Her quest becomes even more personal when Wilda Cleaver, Carolyn's trusted psychic and new owner of her salon, insists that Carolyn's spirit is begging Marla to solve her murder. Adding a dose of blackmail, Wilda warns that someone Marla loves is in great danger but won't give details until Marla cracks the case. Marla's got her work cut out for her—poor Carolyn was far from popular...and maybe even farther from honest. There's Carolyn's snubbed sister, Linda, who only inherited an unspecified, 'valuable' collection that appears to be missing, the chiropractor whose shady dealings Carolyn had uncovered, and the immigration lawyer who apparently had been issuing suspicious visas for Hairstyle Heaven's French-born staff. Add to all this some surprising news from Detective Vail and a blossoming romance for Marla's mother, and Marla's well-coiffed head is soon spinning. It will take all her skill to untangle the snarl of suspects, trim the list down to unmask the murderer—and learn what's behind Wilda's eerie premonitions before someone Marla loves is next.

Perish By Pedicure

  Bad Hair Day Mystery #8'The perfect read for a beach chair or under the hair dryer.'--Nancy MartinFire up the flat iron and break out the bullet-proof blow drier, because Marla Shore—the sassy, South Florida beauty salon owner with a knack for fixing hair and finding trouble—is back...Beauty shows are not always known for cold-blooded murder, but that's exactly the case when Luxor Products company director Christine Parks is found dead in her hotel room—facedown in a foot bath.It doesn't take long into Marla's investigation to discover that everyone who worked with Christine had a reason to hate her. From serial cheating to indulging in blackmail and bad investment advice, she was a walking Bad Hair Day, and the list of possible suspects is longer than a pop diva's hair extensions. And when a model with top-secret information for Marla turns up dead, things go from bad to worse in a hurry. Behind the thumping house music and dazzling, high-platform hair tricks of Florida's hottest beauty show, something very ugly is going down, something that goes beyond polish and style to the killer-takes-all ambition of the beauty biz. If Marla isn't careful, she just may end up on the wrong end of a murderer's very skillful hands...'Cohen fashions her Bad Hair Day series with plenty of humor, snappy repartee and even a healthy helping of current events.'--Fort Myers Press-News­


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