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Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary

  Over 10,000 entries. This best-selling dictionary is indispensable both as a home medical guide and as an aid for all those working in the medical and allied professions. The entries are clearly laid out and jargon-free, making the book both accessible and informative. The terms and information in this dictionary follow UK general medical guidelines. It is important to receive advice from a doctor in relation to the taking of all prescribed medicines.

A Dictionary of Sociology

  From anomie to zietgeist, Oxford's Dictionary of Sociology, Second Edition is the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionary of sociology availabe in a single volume. Designed to meet the needs of those new to the subject, this fully updated and revised wide-ranging reference will also be invaluable to more advanced students and professionals. With expanded coverage of areas such as cultural studies and identity, mass media, and nationalism; the dictionary contains new entries on terms and ideas including administrative theory, consumer society, diaspora, Japanization, and McDonaldization.The over 2,500 clear, jargon-free entries offer international coverage of terms, methods, and concepts, as well as biographical sketches of major figures. Including a helpful system of cross-references and related terms for psychology, economics, anthropology, philosophy, and political science, the Dictionary of Sociology, Second Edition is a handy, accessible, and comprehensive reference tool for anyone interested in the social sciences.

A Dictionary of Economics

  A Dictionary of Economics is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and up–to–date reference on economics available. Well–known and highly respected author John Black provides clear, jargon–free definitions for thousands of entries, including the most recent terms and concepts, as well as providing coverage of international organizations and institutions. It covers all aspects of economic theory and explains mathematical and statistical terms as well as words from related areas such as business and finance. Anyone wanting a guide to the sometimes confusing and convoluted terms associated with economics will find the dictionary an indispensable source of reference.

Collins French Phrasebook and Mini Dictionary

  With Collins French Phrasebook and Dictionary you will sound and speak like a native. Ideal for practicing pronunciation, listening comprehension and becoming more confident, not just in speaking but in understanding others when abroad. Mini dictionary containing 5,000 words. Free Audio Download: Collins French Phrasebook and Dictionary isnt just for emergencies. For example the specially commissioned food guides describe the different regional dishes and wines. They also contain a comprehensive menu reader to guide you through the maze of menus. With phrases that are short and easy to use, the language reflects everyday speech. There are no lengthy sentences to struggle and sweat over. The phrases have a simple guide to help with pronunciation. The free audio files cover all the essential phrases needed to get by. They are presented clearly and slowly by a native speaker and all words and phrases are repeated twice. The listening material provides a chance to practise and learn key words and vocabulary before you embark on your travels. Repeated listening will ensure that you will recognize much of what is said to you abroad and will give you extra confidence in your pronunciation.


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