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A Ghost of a Chance

  Dan Rhodes, The easygoing sheriff of Blacklin County, Texas, has won the hearts of readers since the rural lawman's first Anthony Award-winning adventure, Too Late to Die. Although the elderly members of his staff, Hack the dispatcher and Lawton the jailer, keep trying to drag Rhodes into the twenty-first century, he prefers to reply on his plentiful supply of common sense rather that highfalutin technical instruments to solve his cases -- and solve them he does. The two old fellows and their ongoing (and good-natured) feuds have always provided fine comedy relief to the bizarre crimes that plague Rhodes's bailiwick, but the challenge in this episode tops them. The prisoners in the county jail are raising the complaint that the jail itself is haunted, and they are backed up in this supernatural frenzy by a group of teenagers who burst into the jail screaming that they've seen ghosts in the local cemetery. It's true that there has been vandalism and robbery at the cemetery, and gravestones and memorial statutes are being stolen. But are these ghosts really ghosts? And is there a connection between the two sets of manifestations? All of this becomes a trivial concern when the body of Ty Berry, the leader of the crusade to save the cemetery, is discovered in an open grave. There's almost no evidence; Rhodes is thrown back on his own cunning to solve the murder and exorcise the ghosts. Jacket design and illustration by Alan D. Dingman

Kitchen Con: Writing on the Restaurant Racket

  'The difference between Gordon Ramsay and a talking pig is that Gordon Ramsay never shuts up.'—From Kitchen ConOur consumer culture can’t help but get wrapped up in designer crazes— these days our collective attention is focused on the designer food frenzy. Chefs are our newest celebrities and their restaurants are their stages, but hidden behind the elegant façade of fine dining exists the stark and sometimes shocking reality of the food industry.Renowned food critic Trevor White exposes what goes on behind the scenes in the high-stakes world of the restaurateur. Diners, be forewarned: this biting critique of restaurant culture shows today’s most celebrated restaurants for what they really are: greedy, ostentatious businesses solely dedicated to the fame of their owners.Kitchen Con pays tribute to the history of dining out, starting with the first restaurants and moving on to the most fashionable and well-known kitchens in New York, Paris and London. Witty, humourous and polished, White takes his reader on a whirlwind trip through the restaurant racket, sparing no one!

Slaughterhouse Remains

  Frightfully fun-filled nighttime shivers! Never let it be said that horror can't be fun! An appetizing selection of gruesome goodies awaits the reader in this tantalizing adventure presented by Chef Billy and his shifty kitchen crew. Savor a late night evening sampling tasty sausage links prepared Mexican style while perusing a vast array of menu options and stories to delight the terror-riddled palate. Dive into a feeding frenzy, sip some blood red port, and join our cleaver-clutching company as you are wined and dined on the desert's most delectable and detestable entrees in 'Slaughterhouse Remains'. This is fine dining at its very best containing a dash of humor, a pinch of suspense, and a nice blend of horrific surprises. Bring your family and friends. We offer a special discount for large, portly, meaty groups. We do not offer doggie bags but we will provide body bags. 'You won't leave hungry, because you won’t leave…at all!'


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