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The Foreigner

  In Western Canada there is to be seen to-day that most fascinating of all human phenomena, the making of a nation. Out of breeds diverse in traditions, in ideals, in speech, and in manner of life, Saxon and Slav, Teuton, Celt and Gaul, one people is being made. The blood strains of great races will mingle in the blood of a race greater than the greatest of them all.

Color My Class® Cone Covers (Numbers 1-10)

   PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY. An Educational and Organizational Tool! Nylon covers are best used with 12' and 18' cones to help organize your groups and to integrate math skills into your programs. Organize skill stations, relay races and field day activities. Includes 4' numbers on both sides.

How to Tell Stories to Children and Some Stories To Tell

  The Art of Storytelling is becoming a lost skill.  In this day of digital communication, we are failing to develop our children's imaginations. Storytelling was vital to passing the oral histories and traditions of many races on this planet. Learn how to tell stories to your children.  Turn off the DVD and Xbox. Help them dream and think outside of the box.  Then download some of our children's ebooks to practice your newly acquired skills.


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