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  An Oregon naturalist's camping trip in the Deschutes wilderness becomes a midnight rescue for a foreign damsel in distress. Daylight reveals just how foreign she really is, and soon both of them are on the run from alien-hunting goverment entities.

A Damsel in Distress - Webster's English Thesaurus Edition

  Pelham Grenville Wodehouse's 'A Damsel in Distress' is a classic work read by book lovers, students and scholars. This is a special edition which exposes readers to a variety of phrases and terminology from this genre. The 'click to Webster's English thesaurus' tool is perfect for those who want to enjoy this classic, and also improve their vocabulary.

Golem in Gears

  Grundy Golem got no respect. So, to prove himself, he volunteered for a quest to find the long-lost dragon, Stanley Steamer. On the way, he somehow manages to free a damsel in distress -- but not without incurring the wrath of the Sea Hag in the process. And when it comes to avenging herself on Grundy, the Sea Hag will never give up....

Regency Rogues Bundle

  An aggrieved Duke intent on revenge, an officer conflicted over his desire for a damsel in distress, a newly-made Earl who inherits the late Earl's young wife. In these dramatic tales of Regency romance, three alluring widows meet their match in three irresistible rogues. Bundle includes The Youngest Dowager, Raven's Honor and the Duke's Mistress


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