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The Winter of Her Discontent

  It's tough shooting for stardom when there's a war on. But Rosie's got enough pluck for two: she's willing to stumble around in a Broadway dance chorus that she has no right to be a part of, in a musical that's got 'flop' written all over it. And all the while, she's worrying about her missing-in-action soldier boyfriend, who hasn't written in months. Lately, she's also been keeping bad company with her mob-muscle pal, Al, who's dabbling in a host of shady money-making enterprises in this time of shortages and rationing. But despite his illicit line of work, Al's no killer. When the cops finger him for his girlfriend's murder, Rosie and Jayne, her close compatriot/fellow castmate, set out to clear big Al's name, and plunge into an intricate backstage drama featuring a bevy of suspiciously well-dressed wannabe starlets. But the plot could soon be taking another lethal turn, bringing a final curtain down on Rosie, Jayne, and all their good intentions.

The Black Box

  CHAPTERS: I SANFORD QUEST, CRIMINOLOGIST II THE APARTMENT-HOUSE MYSTERY III THE HIDDEN HANDS IV THE POCKET WIRELESS V AN OLD GRUDGE VI ON THE RACK VII THE UNSEEN TERROR VIII THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY IX THE INHERITED SIN X LOST IN LONDON XI THE SHIP OF HORROR XII A DESERT VENGEANCE XIII 'NEATH IRON WHEELS XIV TONGUES OF FLAME XV 'A BOLT FROM THE BLUE' XVI JUSTICE CHEATED ***** excerpt from CHAPTER I: SANFORD QUEST, CRIMINOLOGIST The young man from the west had arrived in New York only that afternoon, and his cousin, town born and bred, had already embarked upon the task of showing him the great city. They occupied a table in a somewhat insignificant corner of one of New York's most famous roof-garden restaurants. The place was crowded with diners. There were many notabilities to be pointed out. The town young man was very busy. 'See that bunch of girls on the right?' he asked. 'They are all from the chorus in the new musical comedy--opens to-morrow. They've been rehearsing every day for a month. Some show it's going to be, too. I don't know whether I'll be able to get you a seat, but I'll try. I've had mine for a month. The fair girl who is leaning back, laughing, now, is Elsie Havers. She's the star.... You see the old fellow with the girl, just in a line behind? That's Dudley Worth, the multi-millionaire, and at the next table there is Mrs. Atkinson--you remember her divorce case?' It was all vastly interesting to the young man from the west, and he looked from table to table with ever-increasing interest. 'Say, it's fine to be here!' he declared. 'We have this sort of thing back home, but we are only twelve stories up and there is nothing to look at. Makes you kind of giddy here to look past the people, down at the city.' The New Yorker glanced almost indifferently at the one sight which to a stranger is perhaps the most impressive in the new world. Twenty-five stories below, the cable cars clanging and clashing their way through the narrowed streets seemed like little fire-flies, children's toys pulled by an invisible string of fire. Further afield, the flare of the city painted the murky sky. The line of the river scintillated with rising and falling stars. The tall buildings stabbed the blackness, fingers of fire. Here, midway to the clouds, was another world, a world of luxury, of brilliant toilettes, of light laughter, the popping of corks, the joy of living, with everywhere the vague perfume and flavour of femininity. The young man from the country touched his cousin's arm suddenly.

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