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  New TVA3654E4 ADJUSTABLE TV Cartridge 36-54-Inch H W/ E UNIT


  Refurbished WIDE-BODY TV Cartridge W/E-UNIT AND


  New ENLTVFM ENCORE ENLTV-FM TV Tuner with FM PCI Card Retail. Networking E

D-Link PowerLine HD Ethernet Starter Kit DHP-303 - Bridge

  Manufacturer: D-Link. Sold Individually. D-Link's DHP-303 Powerline HD Ethernet Starter Kit allows you to connect devices such as computers, High-definition TV, networking devices and gaming consoles through the most pervasive medium in your house - the e

We have the time if you have the money...How to promote your leg

  Practising lawyer Paul Brennan author of “the Law is an ass-Make sure it doesn’t bite yours!”  has written an e-book which includes Cherie Booth QC’s views on negative press “At certain times you can feel that anything you say or do will be misinterpreted” she explains. Media convergence has created an opportunity for lawyers to promote their practices by creating interesting legal content (audio, visual).  Newspapers worldwide are revving up their on-line content unrestrained by the limited size of the daily newspaper.  The e-book tells lawyers in a practical way how they can utilise the “9 Promotional Competencies” which include How to write a book, a newsletter or speak or how to: be a radio legal eagle, a legal columnist, be interviewed by a journalist and how to get on TV (once) (sic) to make them a commentator on law. It tells lawyers what has worked and what hasn't worked for Paul. 

Getting Started with iPhone 3G S For Dummies

  Welcome to the wonderful world of iPhone! Here's the fun and easy way® to get started! Simply magnificent — all the cool things your iPhone 3G S can do! This handy guide helps you figure out the essentials of your iPhone 3G S. Get stuff to and from your iPhone, set up iTunes, browse the Internet, send and receive e-mail and text messages, watch movies and TV shows, import pictures, download apps — and even make phone calls. Keep it together — sync contacts, calendars, e-mail accounts, and bookmarks between your computer and your iPhone Search and discover — use Spotlight search to find anything, whether in your calendar, contacts, e-mail, iPod®, notes, or apps Talk to me — use Voice Control to place a call to a contact, ask your iPhone what song is playing, or tell it to play your favorite album Do you copy? — copy, cut, and paste text, photos, and videos from one application to another Lay of the land — use the landscape mode for composing e-mail and texting, playing games, and shooting widescreen video Catch the action — shoot video, edit it right on your iPhone, and publish it to a MobileMe gallery or add it to an e-mail Fill it with cool stuff — download your favorite apps, find movies and TV shows to watch, and sync your music and data from other sources Open the book and find: Steps for getting started with your iPhone 3G S How to make phone calls, record a greeting, and check voicemail Details about sending and receiving text and MMS messages Easy ways to sync things up How to control music with your voice Tips for taking great photos Suggestions for finding apps to add How to surf the Web from your iPhone

Game Boys

  Yankees vs. Red Sox. Lakers vs. Celtics. And now . . . Team 3D vs. CompLexity. That would be America's next celebrated rivalry if the men in Game Boys had their way. 3D and CompLexity are two of the top professional 'e-sports' teams in the U.S. Their battle for dominance, as juicy as any feud in 'real' sports, leads the action in Michael Kane's engaging and lively chronicle of the lifestyle and business of gaming. We've come a long way since Pac-Man. Today's games are more elaborate, popular, and addictive than ever. For the elite players, gaming is a full-fledged career that pays big money in prizes and corporate sponsorships. Gamers win, lose, strategize, fight, sign with rival teams, get berated by sideline-pacing coaches. Some use performance-enhancing drugs. And now they're going on TV. Are they really the 'athletes' of tomorrow? They act like they are. Game Boys is a pioneering narrative of the rivalries, quirks, and dramas of a subculture on the cusp of big things. At its most personal, it's a classic sports tale of victory and defeat, punched up for the millennial generation. It's also an engrossing business-meets-popculture narrative that reveals the entrepreneurial ingenuity involved in bringing gaming onto broadcast TV, in the vein of the X-Games or televised poker. Game Boys is an engrossing read for technophiles, gamers, parents, and anyone interested in the business of sports and trends in pop culture.

Get Real

  In Donald E. Westlake's classic caper novels, the bad get better, the good slide a bit, and Lord help anyone caught between a thief named John Dortmunder and the current object of his attention. However, being caught red-handed is inevitable in Dortmunder's next production, when a TV producer convinces this thief and his merry gang to do a reality show that captures their next score. The producer guarantees to find a way to keep the show from being used in evidence against them. They're dubious, but the pay is good, so they take him up on his offer.A mock-up of the OJ bar is built in a warehouse down on Varick Street. The ground floor of that building is a big open space jumbled with vehicles used in TV world, everything from a news truck and a fire engine to a hansom cab (without the horse). As the gang plans their next move with the cameras rolling, Dortmunder and Kelp sneak onto the roof of their new studio to organize a private enterprise. It will take an ingenious plan to outwit viewers glued to their television sets, but Dortmunder is nothing if not persistent, and he's determined to end this shoot with money in his pockets.

Loving Big Brother

  From George Orwell to reality TV - is surveillance to be feared or embraced? Constant scrutiny by surveillance cameras is usually seen as - at best - an invasion of privacy, and at worst an infringement of human rights. But in this radical new account of the uses of surveillance in art, performance and popular culture, John E McGrath sets out a surprising alternative: a world where we have much to gain from being the experience of being watched. In' Loving Big Brother,' the author tackles head on the overstated claims of the crime-prevention and ant-terrorism lobbies. But he also argues that we can, and do, desire and enjoy surveillance, and that, if we can understand why this is, we may transform the effect that the experience has on our lives.' Loving Big Brother' looks at a wide range of performance and visual artists, at popular TV shows and movies, and at our day to day encounters with surveillance, rooting its arguments in an accessible reading of cultural theory. This iconoclastic bookdevelops a notion of surveillance space - somewhere beyond the public and private, somewhere we will all soon live. It's a place we're just beginning to understand.

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